※In FAQ section, 【DragonWallet app】 stands for smartphone app.
【DragonWallet】 stands for generic name of 【DragonWallet app】 and 【Dragon USB memory】.


Q.DragonWallet, what is the wallet like?

A.Secret key dispersion wallet using Smartphone app 【DragonWallet app】 and 【Dragon USB memory】.

Q.Tell me the way to keep 【Dragon USB memory】.

A.Please keep it in a cool and dry and static free place.

Q.Why does wallet need security?

A.Many crypto currencies take advantage of structure of blockchain.
To access this blockchain needs secret key. Therefore managing secret key is the most important way to protect your precious crypto currency property.

Q. Do we have warranty period? If so, what kind of factor would be qualified as being warrantable?

A.Warrant period is one year. Click this link about warranty.
In addition, we recommend replacement every two year from view of information protection.

Q.Which devices enable to use【DragonWallet】?

A. General models and devices enable to use【DragonWallet】.
However, chopped models and terminal is not suitable for use.

Q. If the device break down out of warranty period, is there any support?

A.Sorry, but it’s out of warranty.

Q.Is 【Dragon USB memory】water proof and dust proof?

A. 【Dragon USB memory】 is neither water proof nor dust proof.


Q.Where is secret key stored in 【DragonWallet】?

A.Secret key usually doesn’t exist because it is stored as the dispersed value.
It is generated by connecting 【DragonWallet】 and 【Dragon USB memory】 in use.

Q.What is necessary to use【DragonWallet】?

A.You need a device installed 【DragonWallet app】 and 【Dragon USB memory】.

Q. Cash transfer has been completed. Is it ok to keep connecting 【Dragon USB memory】with the device?

A.It might cause breakdown. Disconnect 【Dragon USB memory】from the device.

Q.Do we need Internet connection to use 【DragonWallet】 ?

A.You need to use it under internet environment.

Q.Is secret key generated if【Dragon USB memory】 is connected with【DragonWallet】 without starting?

A. Secret key is generated only when predefined way is taken.

Q. Will be there more corresponding crypto currencies ?

A. Yes it will. We will inform you about
new corresponding crypto currencies in NEWS.


Q.Why is property protected safety when we use 【DragonWallet】?

A.Because 【DragonWallet】 doesn’t let secret key exist in normal times.
“Existing things” will be found no matter how they are hidden perfectly.
Making “non-existent state” by converting secret key into dispersed value won’t allow you to steal them if you want. On the other hand, achieving simple operating prevent us from accidents by human error.

Q.I lost my smartphone(or tablet). Is there anything I can do?

A.You need to purchace new smartphone or tablet and install 【DragonWallet app】 at Google play. After installing, start the app and follow the instruction on display to import.
Other people can’t make a remittance with only app installed in smartphone.

Q.I lost【Dragon USB memory】.Is there anything I can do?

A. In case you lost one usb.
If you still have each 【DragonWallet app】 and 【Dragon USB memory】,
you can use them as usual. However contact
an authorized dealership as soon as possible just in case.
In case your lost two usb.
You will never withdraw your property again.

Q.Do we need any recovery phrase?

A.Two 【Dragon USB memory】 work instead of
recovery phrase.Please keep other 【Dragon USB memory】 just in case.

Q.I uninstalled the app by mistake.Is there anything I can do?

A.Install the app again and click wallet generate, then import the wallet.

If there is other question,please contact an authorized dealership, Beione corporation.